Wet Tip Gas Meters Are:


  • Wet Tip Gas Meters cost less than 30% vs the industry standard meter.
  • Compare our price of $460 with $3385 being charged by laboratory supply houses for the industry standard meter.

Corrosion Proof

  • Wet Tip Gas Meters are constructed of tough non-corrosive polycarbonate plastic, making it possible to measure even gases containing hydrogen sulfide.


  • Wet Tip Gas Meters are accurate to +/- 1% .


  • There is no upper limit on the total volume of gas to be measured.
  • Wet Tip Gas Meters are easily calibrated by hand.
  • Wet Tip Gas Meters can measure gas flow rates as low as 100 ml/day.
  • Meter measures a maximum rate of up to 400 ml/minute.
  • Adjustable counterweight allows recording of discreet incremental volumes ranging from 25 to 200 ml per cycle or "tip."


  • Wet Tip Gas Meters do not require an external power supply.


  • Wet Tip Gas Meters readily adapt to computer signals for process control.


  • Wet Tip Gas Meters are guaranteed for one year.

How to order the Wet Tip Gas Meter...

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